1. Lil’ Boosie is out.


  2. Willie D has an advice column.


  3. 2001 is the best Eminem album.


  4. pushinghoopswithsticks:

    not like it’s been the subject of multiple Kayne West songs

    Kanye was right. 

    (Source: kanyeuniversecity)


  5. Chief Keef is having a pretty interesting year musically. 


  6. Also, if you can’t see what Kanye brought to the table on “Stronger,” we just might not be able to help you.


  7. Daft Punk used samples too.


  8. The good die mostly over bullshit, and if Cee-Lo’s verse at the end of this song isn’t the most moving thing you’ve heard I don’t even know.


  9. Never forget that Lil’ Boosie outran a fireball.


  10. Sorry Jay, but we won’t be grabbing Samsungs.